Alexis – FEMALE alpha

“He fits me without a flaw. At the beginning, I was apprehensive that he might swallow me whole and I’d disappear for having him. After the time spent together, I’m certain that Colton is the day to my night. And we both have the same value, power, control, individuality and independence. No one disappears. We are like an equinox. Just like the day moves into the night and then night into day, we both complete each other and build a partnership. We are two different entities co-existing superbly, letting each other be but never leaving each other’s side.” -Alexis

Every new thing that enters our lives shakes us. Sometimes it’s nice and sometimes tragic. I think it’s best when it feels like you might not be able to conquer the nerves and excitement. I mean, something that sends you into panic and makes you believe that you can’t survive without it is bound to be worthwhile. For Alexis, that’s Colton. For me, that’s writing.

The idea of having someone read my words – the bread crumbs of my soul – is menacingly appealing. Writing a book and a blog, publishing it and having it out there, somewhere in the universe, is sweetly painful.

Sending you peace and love!


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