Here it goes…my first post.


I’ve always enjoyed travelling through pages by reading books. My imagination boiled over and has transformed me from a reader into a writer. I have found myself and discovered writing to be my ultimate passion. Nothing has made me have such a stupid grin on my face and so many sleepless nights and missed meals.

My first book—and definitely not the last one—is a romance novel where the female and male character share the spotlight. I wouldn’t have been me, if I didn’t make her the ultimate alpha female. We all know there are plenty of strong, seductive and irresistible men in fiction. But I wanted to make a powerful, independent and utterly alluring woman. One who doesn’t ignore her nature and cave to the wishes of her (lesser) half. Together they are equal parts of a power couple—both excelling in their separate business ventures.

I want my novels to entertain people and to let them take their minds from the daily routine and the stress of it. I aspire to make every reader wish they had a day off and not be able to stop thinking about the story and what’s going to happen next. I just want to be a pleasant nuisance—like the pop song you can’t get out of your head.


6 thoughts on “Here it goes…my first post.

  1. Stumbled across this on the ‘First Fridays’ post. I’m happy you’ve found your ultimate passion! Plus you’re doing a good deed making sure there are more strong female characters in fiction. Good luck with your writing.

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