The big bang…


NO, it’s not that kind of a bang – you perv! 😉

I was watching the show and in the middle of the opening credits, my overly active mind did a 180 and landed on me mulling over the idea of each of us having that explosive blow that destroys everything and creates something.

I’ve always believed that the end is actually a start. But trusting the universe to do right by you, is essential. Most of the time, the reason why something negative might turn into something amazing is deeply hidden behind a vail of cynicism, doubt and negativism.

I’m in a place in my life where I’m terrified of what’s to come. I’m sort of everywhere and nowhere actually. And I hate that feeling of being out of control and pulled into various directions. I want to do something but that something needs work and the idea itself scares me with its magnificence.

What calms me – to some tiny, microscopic extent – is the faith that everything will work out just fine. Under the wings of my guardian angel, I will succeed.




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