Romance between the (paper) covers


It’s the middle of the week (counting down the days until the weekend) and I’m in the middle of my obligations and work load, but I keep thinking about reading. About reading my book to be exact and honest. I’m proud of what I’ve produced and want, of course, as many people as possible to read it. Fingers crossed that happens.

But back to my initial thought… What is it about books, about romance novels, that makes them so appealing? I refuse to accept the (unspoken) notion that it’s a low-class genre and that its readers are less intelligent than anyone else. Some might raise eyebrows in confusion. But when I tell people my novel’s genre, some roll their eyes at the expected cliché. And that’s ok. But you have to overcome the prejudice and give a book a chance. Every novel is something special and so is mine. There’s plenty of stories for everyone to find their preferred one. Like in life, there’s no room for discrimination. Live and let live. Or rather: read and let read.

What I want from a book is for it to entertain me, make me forget about the day, and cause insomnia. (I won’t say that I’d like my novel to do that to readers. But it can.) Romance novels do just that. I like the flow and the fun it offers between the covers (pun very much intended). You don’t have to delusionally believe that the male character is your perfect soul mate and that the female represents you. Or vice versa. As a reader, you can sit back, open the novel and forget about the warm cocoa you’ve set aside. Turning that first page, you find yourself lost in timeless and spaceless atmosphere packed with nail-biting intensity and passion that makes you blush.

Life is beautiful but it’s far from easy. Why not let something help you release the tension? Let it take you away? If fantasies on pages are what makes you more relaxed and happy, that shouldn’t be shied away from. Go for it!

I can’t wait to have some free time (preferably on a sandy beach), grab a novel and substitute the lovely reality for an exciting fantasy.


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