She doesn’t wait for Mr Right…she’s her own Mrs Right

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Last time I went into why I think that you shouldn’t have preconceived notions about a particular genre and let books simply do their job and entertain you. This time I want to explain why I believe that my romance novel is different from the rest.

I like reading and enjoy having a romance novel in front of me. And there seems to be some sort of a formula to it, like in every single genre. A man and a woman meet. They encounter some problems. And at the end they either stay together or they separate. Either way both are changed for better or worse because of  the experience. But I’ve discovered that in most cases it’s the female characters that make it work and submit themselves-physically or mentally. Women are welcomed into the world of the men and try to make it work. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, I do believe that women nowadays wouldn’t let men dominate them. I think that in today’s society men have to try as much as women do. If not, the relationship ends.

That was my approach when writing. I wanted Alexis Richards to be strong, confident, successful, complete and an equal counterpart to Colton King. Now, I don’t want to give out too much. But the centre of the story is the fact they both avoid falling in love, consumed by their lives and businesses. And then, when they least suspect it, they meet each other and things get complicated. But you don’t get the usual. The man doesn’t go on living and let her struggle more than him. She is the one that fights against the idea of intimacy, fearing losing herself and being consumed by someone.

Women have always had voices, have always been strong. But I feel like we’re living in a glorious social transition. Females have started letting ourselves have every right that men have. We’ve embraced all our talents we might have shied away from, afraid to provoke and make someone feel smaller. We have welcomed our insecurities and turned them into our strengths. The fire once used for burning intelligent and strong women (witches my ass) is now burning inside us and we are letting it carry us forward. That’s what I wanted to portray in my novel. That’s what I’d like for every reader to feel-be filled with positive sensation and motivation. I want women to delight in empowerment. And I want all to believe that you don’t have to change for anyone. Unless you’re hurting someone, you have every prerogative to be who you want to be.

I’m sure there are men who would label Alexis as a bitch after reading my book. And I accept it. Because some are not ready to see women as anything more than black and white. We are either bitches or sluts. There is no grey area. Where men are ambitious, we are (too) aggressive. When men take time for their families, they are applauded. For the same reason, we are judged. When we speak up, we are too loud. When we don’t, we are too quiet. When a man is handsome, it’s just a plus. With an attractive woman, it’s an excuse and reason for her success. The list goes on and on. The point is there are just two extremes and nothing in between. That is what needs to change. And fortunately, the wheels have been set in motion.

Alexis is a woman who has created everything independently, following her dreams. She sets her own goals and makes them happen without using her looks to her advantage. Ms Richards doesn’t step on anyone’s toes and yet gets on her own to see better and get closer. Not waiting for prince charming, she’s the knight in her life. Not looking for Mr Right, she is her own Ms Right Now. Since music plays a very important part in Alexis’s life and therefore in the plot, I’d like to conclude with Rihanna’s lyrics from Needed me: “Fuck your white horse and a carriage.”

I wish you peace and love and an amazing upcoming week!


3 thoughts on “She doesn’t wait for Mr Right…she’s her own Mrs Right

      • You’re welcome!

        I wish I could, but time is against me. Haven’t worked on my own novel in about a month or two. I’m on book 5 of my series.

        Feel free to send it my way though but I promise no speedy response. Check the contact me tab for my email address.

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