Don’t worry your pretty little head with being smart and good


I had an entirely different topic in mind but since someone opened their mouth it has started an avalanche in my head. It’s again one of those things that occur because of my over-thinking probably. I swear my mind is going to drive me crazy (that ship has most likely already sailed.). Anyway…

I like to observe people not to judge, not to point out flaws, not to stalk or drool… but people simply fascinate me. We are glorious beings capable of great things. But nowadays I think that more and more people ignore the light inside us and embrace the darkness. We are efficient in everything we do – good and bad.

Men and women have become far too focused on appearances. What you look like displays who you are. Many things have become shallow. Shiny, new and pretty attracts us. It makes us neglect the real, raw and scratched. I stubbornly don’t want to put value on looks. Which is why it annoys me severely when someone points out my appearances (I’m not even close to a supermodel) and even more when they use them to justify something good I’ve done, or for someone liking me… Sentences containing “You should do it because of how you look.” are torturous. What does a pretty face or an attractive body have anything to do with being proficient, capable, good at something…?

Why does it matter?! And I hate that it does. The amount of attention that the casing of our soul gets is wrong. Silly even. Shouldn’t we strive for accomplishments based on our abilities, on our hard work and not our physical advantages and the abilities on the mattress? To be honest, just writing it makes me feel naive. And sad. Because I feel the values have shifted.

To me beauty is not what I’m looking at but rather what it provokes in me. How does it make me feel? Not a great ass but the fact that someone is willing to sit on it, listening to the stupidity that is coming from my mouth. Not full lips but that they use them for talking to you honestly and openly. And not a beautiful face but the aura around it.

With the focus others put on our looks, we can start to put the same value on it for ourselves. Maybe even lose perspective of what matters. Your gold heart is what’s important. What’s between your lovely ears is what’s significant.

But to be honest, I am wondering whether I’m taking it too seriously. Should I be this bothered for getting compliments? I can’t decide whether it’s wiser and normal to let it go and not think about it. Am I over-analyzing it? Is it unnecessary?

Is appearance, as subjective as it is, an advantage and is supposed to be taken as just a quality? I’m stuck between fighting to prove the characteristics I have – and find more important – and embracing the idea of simply owning it – and not giving a f***.

Stay good!



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