Weh, weh, weh…


There are plenty of things we as people living in the 21st century would like to think we are. Strong, diverse, accepting, tolerant, experienced, adventurous, intelligent, worldly… And people are proving daily that we don’t embody all of these qualities. In 50 or 100 years when the next generations look back at the humanity living now, I don’t believe that they will recognize in us what we think they should.

Some people today are gullible. Discriminatory. Shallow. Sneaky. We are attracted to glitter and mirrors. Money. Technology. Attention. That is what we value. People want fast ups, not caring that quick downs are what follows. Films and TV used to show nature catastrophes. Now fiction is filled with scenes and stories about the corruption and evilness of humanity.

Women and men these days aren’t eager to internalize and process obstacles and difficult experiences. We tend to hide things and leave them unresolved. We don’t know how to face them. Teenagers and young adults break up with someone and start swallowing antidepressants. People don’t get the job they want and get suicidal. Someone moves and expects others to bend over backwards for them to feel relaxed and entertained.

There are tough, real problems happening every single day. People don’t have the basic necessities and someone cries because the boy/girlfriend they treated like crap finally leaves them. And now an adult, you need a medium in the form of a substance or a person to process it?

Why do we search for a quick fix? Not feeling won’t resolve how you feel. Not thinking about it won’t solve what you think about it. People expect others to make everything better for them. If you don’t do something, who will? And why would they?

But this is what we do to each other and to ourselves by focusing on superficial, short-lasting events. Granted, every detail seems hugely significant in one particular moment. But allowing some distance and a new perspective with time and some calmness can make anyone reevaluate an issue and their approach. It is illogical to presume that a seemingly enormous obstacle or a problem you face can be taken care of quickly. Doing anything for the sake of it leads into Nowhereland. We have to stop scratching the surface and actually dive in.

Life moves on. It’s up to you whether you get on the train or not. We shouldn’t cradle ourselves. Face life head on and deal with it. It’s bound to change for the better. If we stop dwelling in the smaller issues, we might be able to actually solve the larger, more crucial ones.


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