Chapter 2: Colton

In the middle of a breakfast meeting with my business manager Smith, I can’t stop thinking about HER. He’s going on about the numbers and the balances but I can’t concentrate to save my life. Would you get over a piece of ass?

When I came into the café, I had no idea that anything exciting would happen. I was prepared to have a monotonous meeting dealing with finances. And then I saw her. The sexy Jane Doe looked spectacular, tall and slim with curves where a woman should have them. She was wearing a dress that displayed her voluptuous cleavage. With long dark hair, piercing blue eyes and full lips she was sensational. What I would make her do. What I would do to her.

When she closed her eyes and turned her head to the sun, I couldn’t help imagining her in my bed. Fuck! I got hard just by looking at her and I am still aroused now after she’s left.

          “So what do you think?”

           I only half-listen to him, completely consumed by her. “I have to think about it.”

          “There isn’t much time.”

          “Stop panicking. I have to go.” I stand up and head to the car. I have to know who she is.

As soon as I sit in the car and Cliff pulls away, my mind jumps back to her. When she opened her eyes, she looked straight at me. My mind went blank. Those ocean-like eyes made me freeze. I didn’t register anything around me. The only thing I heard was the heartbeat in my ears pounding, like a ticking time bomb. It felt as if her eyes saw through me. As if one look told her who and what I am. I even felt embarrassed for yesterday’s events and I still don’t know why.

My female companion last night did her job well. I saw and conquered, she came. I’ve never been one to date. I have female friends who I call and come over. I fuck them and send them away. No sleeping together, no dinners and no visits to my home. Just benefits. I have no time nor wish for a girlfriend. I reject even the mere idea of it.

But now, I keep imagining her instead of my last night’s date. I can only imagine what those eyes would look like when making love. No, you have sex. If I got the chance, I would seduce her into oblivion. Or she would make you lose your head. She did look like trouble. But I am still interested. When have you ever been?




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