From heart to mind, and pen to paper


Actually sitting down and starting to write my book has been the most frightening and wonderful experience I’ve ever had. Allowing myself to dream about making writing my career, letting the thoughts of the novel being good and read by others into my mind has brought me nightmares and an unmatched ecstasy.

I’ve always loved reading. Getting lost in a world between pages. Having your eyes open and plunging into fantasies. Learning through a character. Losing the sense of time and place. That’s what various novels have offered me.

And that was the force behind my first novel. I want to be someone who provides entertainment to potential readers. A person that brings fun to the palms of people’s hands. And I just have to let it out. Whether I want to or not, I need to put the words on paper, otherwise I will explode.

What I wished to explore in my romance novel was this: Is love – at first sight for that matter – possible for someone independent, strong, self-assured, successful, someone who isn’t focused on love, and a person who doesn’t need nor want anyone else to complete them? What happens if and when the most unimaginable notion really happens? What will you do when something you view as hell actually gives you heaven?

In life, the possibility of having something in your life is one thing. But letting it enter is a completely different challenge. I wanted to explore the dynamic between opening the door to something considered unwelcome and unwanted – which is making you doubt your own beliefs – and closing the door to something simply because it’s new – but you don’t know if you can survive it.

I also wanted – and that will never change – to show the contemporary energy of relationships. Women are not necessarily the ones that would do anything to have an intimate partner and be in a relationship. It’s not to be expected of us to submit and change just to hold onto a man. Men are also the ones these days that have to meet us half way and give back what they take.

That’s why I named the novel Equinox. A partnership consists of two equally important parts coexisting and functioning in synchronic and complementary acts. Without one, the other one isn’t the same. But neither half is more important than the other. And no one disappears without the other. Neither part stops existing if the relationship ends. Yet each accepts that it might feel incomplete without the other.

So for Alexis Richards and Colton King, both young, successful entrepreneurs, with control over their own fates and lives, their worlds change forever – either by welcoming love, or by denying it.

Sending you peace and love!


3 thoughts on “From heart to mind, and pen to paper

  1. I think love is a wonderful topic to talk about, I wish you luck with this journey! are you in any way the independent, successful woman who isn’t focused on love in your novel? or are you putting yourself in those shoes?


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