Small/big pleasures: what makes my heart flutter


  1. Getting a new book, opening it and taking in its smell (like a dog).
  2. Reading a brand new novel and getting lost in its story, forgetting or rather ignoring the passing time and people around me.
  3. Writing, writing and writing. Have I mentioned writing??
  4. Re-reading the pages I’ve just written and liking them.
  5. Walking my gorgeous and mischievous dog and have him lean against me to pat him.
  6. A breeze on a hot, steamy day.
  7. Lying on a beach, smelling the ocean and having the water drops surprise me with its cold and unpredictable contact.
  8. Waking up to a cloudless blue sky and staring through the window.
  9. Going around our gardens and picking fresh fruit and vegetables.
  10. Cozying to a great movie with a bowl of ice-cream in my hands, listening to rain trickling against the windows.
  11. Hearing a song I haven’t in a while and dancing like a moron to it.
  12. People telling me they’ve read my book and loved it.
  13. Any time I spend with my loved ones.

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