We are like m&m’s – different shell, same centre

Why are we so focused on categorizing each other? Why do we separate ourselves into black and white, bigger and skinnier, attractive and unattractive? Why do we let it happen? Why do we go along with it and participate?

At the beginning of the world I’m sure people didn’t think that  the society would be the way it is – racist, chauvinistic, materialistic, discriminatory in every possible way… I assume they thought we would have made some progress. And yet it seems like we keep taking steps back. In a time of inclusion and globalization, we want to separate ourselves and push others away. In a period of acceptance of differences we want to separate ourselves because we are black, white, Asian… In a time frame when we understand that to each their own, we let ourselves be determined as attractive by someone who is enforcing their personal opinions and standards onto others. In a millennium in which we strive to explore ourselves and go after our dreams, we allow strangers to dictate what it is we should be looking for and finding.

To imagine that one is better than the other is beyond horrific. To be certain that the color of our skin makes us anything more or less than the person next to us is awful. To believe that gender displays your skills and competences is tragically stupid. To think that being gay is a disease and being straight is somehow healthy is ludicrous.

Who are you – who are we – to say what’s wrong and what’s right? Who can say they know best? God is almighty and he/she created us in all shapes, colors and sizes. Do you dare say he/she is wrong?

And if that’s not sufficient – to split us into colors, sizes, sexual orientation… – we’ve started making sub-groups. They are not black enough to speak for black rights. He or she is not white enough to fit that. You are bisexual – you are not gay nor heterosexual – so you are wrong twice. She is not skinny enough. She is not big enough. We are too much of this, and too little of that.

I am white. And a woman. And straight. And more than anything else I am tired of being a color, a race, a sexual orientation, a size. I am just me. I don’t even know every facet of me. So who are you to categorize me?

Stop acting like the world has been cured of discrimination. We have to open our eyes because it hasn’t been eradicated. It has only been pushed into the shadows where someone can convince you are not seeing what you think. Again.


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