So I come home from a long, yet too short, vacation and in my mailbox I find the magazine that has published the first article about my novel. Of course, I’m beyond excited and want to share it with you.

Below is the picture of the magazine article. And underneath it is the translation.


When the summer heat tempts you to take a vacation on the paradise sand beaches, and when the ocean’s waves sooth your hot skin, your hands are dying for a refreshing cocktail and a book that would give you the perfect disconnect from the everyday life. The ideal reading material in the summer is a book that interests you so much you don’t want to join the beach party until you finish the chapter. And then the next one and the next.

The contemporary romance novel Equinox meets each of these criteria. The author Kristina Steiner published the first book in the Alpha Series on 1st April. The novel explores the idea of love in the modern society where the scale of control hangs balanced between a man and a woman. Can an independent, successful, ambitious person, whose priority isn’t a relationship, even fall in love? At first sight? The story describes what happens between two people when the thing they’ve seen as hell actually gives them heaven. But it’s still new and so far unwanted. Does that mean they will turn their backs on it? Are they even able to do it?

The novel is dripping with sarcasm, honesty, directness, fun and passion. The story is told from two perspectives, allowing the reader an insight into the world of the man and the woman. The goal of the author was to create a strong female character that is completely equal to the man. How does a relationship develop when the woman is the one who sets the rules and is an equal opponent, who has also set and accomplished her own priorities without ever needing anyone else? The book is not written based on the concept of “girl meets boy and they fall in love”. It is a complex relationship between two dominant subjects.

Due to the genre, the novel’s audience is primarily the female audience. But it doesn’t exclude the male readers—which can be confirmed by several men. While reading you will get everything you expect from a good book and more. The book will make you laugh, sad and mad. The novel has been utterly addictive for every reader who has ever opened it.

You will get the chance to meet the author in the fall issue where she will offer and insight into her world of creating. Until then you can read her personal blog, where the topic is Equinox and the female perspective on the modern society. Besides that, she is also active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with no threats of a writer’s block.

The novel is available on Amazon.

For more information, you can contact her at

By N.S.


“If you like romance or better said spiced up romance this book will not let you down. The author pleasantly surprises with interesting characters, exciting story and most importantly tasteful level of erotica. Finally a book with a good love story and the right amount of sex (since traditionally it’s either boring romance you get or kinky porn). Love it! You won’t regret buying this one.”

“Of the hundreds of works I have read, I can’t say that I have ever read a romance novel. In fact, the closest I’ve probably ever come to reading a romance novel is The Testament by John Grisham. If that counts – LOL. But for whatever reason – it’s importance irrelevant – I committed to reading Kristina’s “Equinox”. I have a lot of respect for someone who is compelled to publish their manuscript regardless of its eventual readership, whether one or a million or more read it, the fact that the tenacious author has seen their work through to completion is more than commendable. It is a feat in and of itself. Moreover, Kristina has not shied away from engaging the reader in tasteful, albite steamy erotica. But what is a romance novel without such raw, honest, uninhibited intimacy? Her work is well worth the read and she has left the door open to further works which I will be sure to peruse.”

“Soon after I started reading this book I got totally obsessed with the story and characters. I love how the story is filled with romance, passion, desires and a little bit of sarcastic thoughts and jokes, which entertain everyone. You fall into it so easily and you can’t wait to find out what’s coming next. The characters quickly capture your heart and you start breathing and thinking with them. And the ending is phenomenal. I liked how the author described the characters. I could completely visualize them and their actions as if I was watching a movie. In addition, the author has a really good taste in music and fashion.
Equinox is a perfect runaway from everyday life. Excellent work!”

Equinox is an interesting book that spiced up my summer holiday. The romance sucked me into the whirlwind of emotions and erotica, which make the story even better. The main characters have very defined personalities that thoughtfully create the story and keep it interesting for the reader. Through the eyes of all characters, we step into the world of wealthy and successful people, who have everything their hearts desire. But despite that they have some things in common with the readers. They can’t control or hide their feelings. That makes them closer to the readers. The emotional content, the family drama in the background, the wish for control show the true and realistic side of the protagonists, who are very relatable.”

“So strong and independent. She is a goddess. He is divine and powerful. It wasn’t hard for me to jump into their love game, hiding, sacrifices and constant want. The story of Alexis and Colton is unpredictable. You want what they have—love that is bigger than both of them. The author has inserted a lot of surprises, life advice and hidden rules about love. The characters whose personalities are carefully selected and create a common story that will interest everyone. Personally, I liked the chapters from two perspectives because that makes sure the readers understand both sides, actions and emotions. It’s a book about power, strength, passion and life. I adore it.”

“This book is the best! I promised myself I would be very critical but I’m speechless. It has simply impressed me. I’m looking forward to the next one.”

“Definitely not just your average romance novel! A very smart and interesting take on
modern relationships between men and women. I highly recommend it!”

I love this book! I was expecting a cliché novel (like 50 Shades) but it’s so much better. The book is incredible. It has the perfect amount of everything. I hope the author never stops writing. It is inspirational.”


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