Society – a fictional villain?


After coming back home from a long but too short vacation, I’ve been drowning in my work load. And since I rarely want peace and quiet while working, I watched/listened to a few reality shows. Big mistake.

It’s surprising what people are willing to do in order to be on TV. There is no such thing as modesty anymore. If they have it, they flaunt it. Whether it’s money, brains or beauty. The idea of letting it speak for itself hasn’t gone through the window – it has been thrown out. With force. Aggression. And giving it the finger.

But that’s not what has made me think today. Because sadly people showing off is not that big of a deal anymore.

What has thrown me off, is the fact that reality shows invite people that are ridiculous when it comes to their behaviour. People who are bad, insulting and insensitive. Why have we started entertaining the idea that treating someone poorly is ok? Why do we let people think that you can do anything you want for the sake of shock and entertainment? What about getting attention for something good you’ve done? And not by being an asshole?

Welcoming and watching people who are simply negative and bad is not ok. Letting them think it’s alright what they’re doing is wrong. Are we really that bored? What is it? What makes someone allow and encourage that type of behaviour? For the sake of being entertained? Shocked? Interested?

The humanity is slowly but surely becoming a fictional villain. We are one step from organizing the Hunger Games. There is more and more pretentiousness and coldness, like in Divergent. People are convinced they know better like in the Maze Runner. And some are sure you can use others like a vampire. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

It’s time to make it clear that there are morals, values and behaviour that are expected from people. And those shouldn’t be forgotten just because someone is on TV and is there to entertain. Treating people around you nicely shouldn’t be difficult. And being nasty shouldn’t make you interesting.

Stay good, positive and kind.



11 thoughts on “Society – a fictional villain?

  1. I think that one of the negative side effects of having the right to show off is that people express their envy in a repugnant way. When you think about the awful things that people do to stand out, the negative responses should warn people not to behave like that. But no one is listening. In fact, people act the way they do because they know that their behaviour can get them a mention in the news. The reactions get mentioned in the news. No one learns.

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