Dirt in a pretty paper


I’ve had debates about this quite a few times so far. And I just have to get it out once again.

A huge part of today’s world and speaking is political correctness. We shouldn’t say that. We should avoid this. I completely agree with the idea that you can’t say whatever you want and offend someone. Furthermore, you can’t push your opinion down people’s throat if you haven’t been asked for it.

Anyone that knows me also knows that I am tolerant to a fault and let people be who they are. I don’t use offensive and discriminatory words. But that is because I believe what I’m saying and don’t just avoid a certain expression because that’s what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t utter an insulting word but inside you think something else – that makes it worse. And I believe that’s where some people are.

Discrimination in all its hideous forms has not been eradicated. It hides behind every polished and proper word pronounced with a negative, intolerant and disrespectful mouth.

Politically correct language has  put a cloak over the real issue. Too much stressed has been put on the word and not on the meaning and the feelings behind it. If a racist says “a black person” but the n-word echoes in their head, what has been accomplished? If a chauvinist says “a police officer” and not “policeman or policewoman”, sure they are politically correct but do they think correctly? If someone means well, just doesn’t know better, and uses an expression that is not politically correct, there are always tons people jumping down his or her throat for it, ignoring everything that has been said prior and after that word.

The emphasis shouldn’t be so much on the word, but on the meaning and tone behind it.

For example, Ellen DeGeneres posted a meme after Usain Bolt’s spectacular win in Rio. It was funny. It had nothing to do with race. It had nothing to do with gender. And yet people attacked her for it.

Donald Trump uses the correct expressions. Does that make his message the right one?

I don’t think we should be irresponsible with speaking and choosing the expressions we use to convey the message. However, we should also be responsible in understanding the meaning behind it. If we only deal with the surface, we will never get to the core.

Peace and love.


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