Dream crusher


I’m a firm supporter of anyone following their dreams. But a discussion on a Saturday sent my mind in a confusing sprint.

In a speech in June to my students leaving for secondary school I said goodbye to them with the following words:

“Set high goals and work hard for them. Don’t mind people around you. If they aren’t laughing at your dreams, then they are not big enough.”

And my mind hasn’t changed. I do think you should set goals and not limit yourself just because it’s challenging. I believe you should work hard for them and not give up. Don’t get discouraged by falling, be encouraged by standing back up.

But it got me wondering.

I dismissed somebody’s ideas of becoming a millionaire poker player. But only because he was planning to leave his studies. I was defending his parents’ concern. When did I start getting so “parenty”? What bothered me most and it bothers me that it bothered me is the fact he used the word “certainty”. Is it cynical of me to think that nothing in life is certain? God has a dark sense of humour and adores destroying our plans.

Is it just experience?

It pushed my thoughts into overdrive. Is it wrong to think that pursuing your dreams means having a plan B – not quitting college or your job?

Or maybe it’s just the life’s circumstances.

I want to be a writer. I need to be a writer. But I can’t afford to quit my job and focus on that. What adds the bitterness is that somebody with the mentality of looking at their goal and being blind to everything will be successful and someone who plays it responsible and safe, maybe won’t.

I’m utterly torn.

Halo, God? I need answers.


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