What doesn’t kill you, will drown you


I’m drowning in work load. Is it just me or does it happen to everybody that when you can’t imagine doing more, you get more? I promised myself that I would focus on writing and building an audience, but I’m doing everything but that. I just can’t say no to offers. And it was about money (a girl gotta pay her bills), but now with everything I have on my plate it’s about time.

The thought of doing what I have ahead of me actually unnerves me. I feel like I’m drowning. And with the weight of the stress and obligations I don’t know if I can, or even want to, swim for the surface.

Why can’t I say no to people? It bothers me because I am afraid that is the reason my dreams will take longer, if they will even get fulfilled.

I have so many goals to reach for my book but… I just can’t seem to put all of my focus on it. Do you ever feel like it too?

I can’t wrap my head around whether it’s the universe trying to tell me that I have to ignore everything else but writing. Or is it just life??

I want to put my first novel on Kindle, but unless I clone myself there is not happening anytime soon. And I planned to start writing my second novel but that is just getting pushed back and back.

My life is all work, work, work. And not the fun RiRi way.


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