Let me tell you a secret


This might come as a surprise to some but the world and people in it will not wait for you as you stick to your habits and your flaws. No one will sit around, tapping their foot against the chair and their fingers against the table, while you realize that you need to evolve. Everything around us – people, world, universe – keeps moving. And fast. You aren’t supposed  to let others dictate what to do and how to feel. But you do have to progress. Isn’t that the idea and the goal? To grow personally? To try to be the best possible version of you?

What is worse than not developing and expecting your surroundings to slow down and regress, is to know what your flaw is and decide not to do anything. You can’t just say “Well, I know I’m this or I’m that, but deal with it.” No! You have to deal with it unless you want to deal with being alone.

No one is perfect. And perfection is boooring. But so is staying the same and refusing to grow.

Have a great start of the week.


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