My boyfriend and I went to watch the new film Snowden to the cinema a few weeks ago. And the movie itself isn’t anything special I guess. But I liked it. And my boyfriend hated it. I guess it depends what you expect.

If you expect to get some hidden truths, you’ll be disappointed. If you expect a lot of action, you’ll be disappointed. If you expect special effects, you’ll be disappointed. If you expect the film to guest huge movie stars just for the sake of it, you’ll be disappointed.

I wasn’t expecting any of it and so I wasn’t disappointed.

It wasn’t so much about the film for me but about the story. A person, like Edward J. Snowden, who comes from a family whose members served the country, and he wanted to join the Special Forces himself to defend his home country because he believed in it so much, is then so torn and destroyed by the country’s actions that he exposes its secrets. Was it treason? Or did he stand up for the people?

In my opinion, it’s remarkable that he had the strength to do it and follow his principles. How disappointed did he have to be to commit the thing that he knew would cost him his life and home?

Can you imagine seeing and experiencing the lies, schemes, attacks and the cruelty and not doing anything? I think it just comes down to the fact that you can’t live with yourself anymore.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who view him as a traitor of the state and a criminal. But it takes a lot of inner strength, integrity and heart to realize and act upon the injustice. His life is turned upside down because of his strong moral beliefs. He has lost almost everything but he couldn’t have closed his eyes and done nothing.

And what has he achieved? Was it worth it? Sadly, EJS is  just a pebble in a heap of dirty sand. It’s devastating that someone sacrifices everything and everyone for the better good and it doesn’t bring the wanted results.

Hope you’re safe and sound.


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