B. I. T .C. H. (beautiful, intelligent, talented, caring and hot)

Something’s been bothering me ever since the VMAs in September. The show made sure to impress us with the performers and to bore us with its constant commercials.

A lot of people (I am one of them) use swear words sometimes. Why? There is no other substitute that gives your thoughts and opinions the same effect. Sometimes the only way to let the frustration out is by using those jewels of language.

And of course, music has always contained swearing. It used to be just rappers. And now it has transgressed into all genres. I personally don’t mind. But I understand that some do.

That’s why, I also get that during shows, public appearances, interviews, basically anything public, these words get bleeped out. But what I do not understand is why the only word that is allowed to be said in a performance is the word bitch.

I was really shocked that while performers were singing any slightly derogatory and sexual word was bleeped out. And yet the word bitch was left completely alone. Am I the only one that finds that very strange and unfair?

People, not only native speakers but also learners of English, use the word shit like just another word. I know I do. And we don’t think anything of it. It’s not a big deal. And yet the word is religiously erased from public speaking and performing. But bitch is left alone? Come on.

Someone might say it’s nitpicking. And that it is politically over-correct. But if we should use police officer and not policeman/-woman, flight attendant, waiter, actor…, shouldn’t we also ban the use of bitch? 

There are words that target a specific race and that’s the reason they’re forbidden to use. As they should be. But the word bitch is meant for a specific gender. Why is it OK to be spoken?

Why do we tiptoe around words connected to sexual orientation, race and origin? However, we aren’t worried about an expression that insults and targets a gender, the women to be exact.

This kind of thing shows the perception of people, of mostly and most men, towards the issue and females. It isn’t taken seriously. It isn’t viewed as a big deal.

Somebody might argue that women use the word ourselves. And yes we do. But that argument is destroyed when you think about the fact that we use every bleeping-worth expression and yet they still get bleeped out. And there is a thing called tone, people. How you say something matters.

My point is this: if phrases and words like suck balls, shit and fuck aren’t allowed to be said and heard publicly, why is the word bitch treated as if we’re talking about the weather?

Words matter. And words carry a message. Let’s make it a good one.


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