If only I knew Harry Potter…

Ever had a day (or a few) when everything just seems to go wrong? And nothing seems to go your way?

Ever since Monday I’ve had that feeling. And today everything has accumulated. And here I am sitting, staring at people but not really seeing their faces. Not wanting to. My mind is in overdrive. My heart feels heavy. I don’t care about my stress and my troubles. I would do anything to take the burden from people I love and put it on me. Ever feel like the loved ones’ issues lie heavier on your soul? It might be the supermoon (let’s just blame it all on that), but I would love to wave my magic wand and make everything better. For everyone. For the world.

Today feels like I can hear every person’s prayer. As though I can sense everyone’s hardship. I know it sounds like a bad Jim Carrey movie but… Today is just strange. I can’t explain it. As though I can feel everything. And yet nothing.

I’ll blame it on the moon.

Maybe I’m turning into a werewolf.


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