Exclusive all access VIP pass

I had a minute of free time and so I decided to watch some TV. Sitting, minding my own business, I came across the Ellen show. I thought why not have a look. That’s always fun.

Wrong! It just aggravated me. There she was, Kendall Jenner, promoting her and her sister’s new book, discussing their clothing line and make-up line, and modelling, and family drama, and social accounts, and the diets and exercises only they know, and the nature’s law that enables them to move the pounds from their whole body to their asses only. And blah blah blah.

It made me upset to think about the way the entertainment business is being run these days. Rare people care about quality of the work. They just want money and lots of it.

I mean, come on! Authors who are good and have written a great and interesting novel can’t get an agent or a publisher because people who are famous get a book deal to plant their face on the cover and claim they’ve written it. They don’t care to convince us there is no ghost writer. Someone whose career is being in the media and sitting on their family name, money, fame or all three will be thrown a book deal and anything imaginable because they are profitable. If an unkown person got the same possibilities, they could be successful too.

Unable to look away, like a train wreck, I kept watching the segment. Ellen asks her a simple question of “What’s it about?” And Kendall says she doesn’t want to give out too much. Because she probably hasn’t even read it. Taking a photo for the cover isn’t the same as sitting down and writing a novel. This is absurd and it seems the common thread these days.

In Formula 1, drivers with wealthy parents are the ones that will be endorsed and signed. Why? Money.

In music, singers and bands with a rich financial background are the ones that will get a record deal sooner.

Models will be sought after if they were born in famous and rich families. All they have to do is look ok and be average height.

A lover of dance I watched a segment on a famous choreographer. And she says that in LA talent doesn’t mean more than looking good, having a great headshot and knowing how to do your make-up and hair. Makes so much sense. Who needs a dancer that can actually dance well?

Money and good looks seem to be the answer to everything. And if you combine the two… Well then you’re sitting on a gold mine. It’s the solution to every problem.

What happened to being talented? What happened to working hard? To having principles? To learning from your mistakes and persevering? And to people looking for and wanting those qualities? To them actually being important?

I refuse to accept it. I will always cherish talent and goodness beyond money and good looks. It’s not the shell that matters, it’s the core.

Be/stay good.


9 thoughts on “Exclusive all access VIP pass

  1. I read this essay very slowly because I shredded three drafts of a similar rant about how mediocrity keeps us all in this half-conscious state. Those of us who dare to pull back the curtains or talk about the Emperor’s new clothes, get a beatdown for breaking the illusion. The truth is that we as a society understand that hard work builds character but we cheer on the less talented and accomplished because we hope that one day, by sheer accident, we could lap up some of the limelight, too. xo

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  2. This will continue to be true as long as it’s what the public wants. They can only profit because society buys into what they offer. It is aggravating and discouraging, but we can only persevere and continue to work hard, hoping someone will like what we have to offer. We can be comforted knowing we are better people because we do work hard and have integrity.

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