Some of the blessings in my life


In Slovenia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (so the stores started with Christmas decorations and products in the middle of November, achieving the opposite of Christmas joy). But the consumerist philosophy is not my goal today.

Anyway, I wanted to take this moment to express everything I feel thankful for.

Consumed with everyday stress and obligations a lot of the times we simply forget to remember and appreciate everything we have and (should) feel thankful for. It’s no use to focus on the negatives (we all have them). We must all recognize all of the things we have and should be grateful for in our lives.

I say thanks for my life in my prayers every night. But today I felt like that isn’t enough and I wanted to let it into the universe. Well, the blogging sphere.

I am beyond thankful for my loved ones. Each of them are fantastic as individuals and as the roles they play in my world. I have a great boyfriend of more than ten years. My parents are wonderful beyond words. My brother and sister are my closest allies. Despite our busy lives, I know I have them in my corner.

I am very grateful and ecstatic that I have found myself and made myself whole by writing. I am proud of myself that I found the courage to self-publish my first novel.

I am grateful I have a job and can take care of my bills.

I feel blessed to have my faith and my (guardian) angels.

I am happy that I have people in my life that I can call friends. Each of them can teach me something through their own experience.

I’m grateful I’m alive and healthy with a safe and loving roof over my head.

And I am happy and very thankful for who I am as a person.

Hope you have tons of things and people to be grateful for.


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