Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

Source: Woman’s Day

I’ve always loved Christmas. And we’ve always made sure to celebrate it and have fun. In our darkest and most challenging times as a family and individuals we would always try to create something special for the holiday, hang out and give presents – not because we would want so many things but because we wanted to show that we appreciate each other.

At every Christmas I am even more aware what a wonderful and magical family I have. No matter what success may come my way, they will always be my biggest treasure. Each of them is a person I would want to have in my life even if we wouldn’t be blood-related.

My parents are both loving, supportive, nurturing, giving and hard-working. Their hearts and souls couldn’t be better. And they are our biggest fans and coaches. Not to mention their humour – they are funny as hell. They have put their sweat, tears and every single thought into our family to make sure we’d be the people we are today. Perfection might not exist but they are damn close to it.

My brother and sister are two people who I admire so much. At their young age, they are unbelievably strong, mature, intelligent, loving and charismatic. They are people you want to have around you. Their hearts are pure. Our lives might be hectic and busy but I know that whatever distance and time might come between us seeing and hearing each other our bond is unbreakable and we will always be each other’s best friends. We are the original three musketeers.

And my dear boyfriend, we are not blood-related (because that would be weird) but he has been my family for 9 and a half years. Relationships might not be easy but the love and respect we have for each other has always prevailed. He is someone smart, committed, driven, ambitious, brave and someone whose dedication to his goals I admire grately. He makes me laugh and, even better, he can take a joke. He is my partner in crime and I can’t wait to start our lives together under one roof.

Our family life has been a fairytale. There have been villains and their have been struggles, but we will always live happily ever after. Because we have each other.

I am beyond grateful for them and I wouldn’t change them for anything.

I wish you all the perfect Christmas holidays!


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