Warning! Spoiler alert!

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You have been warned. Do not read forward if you do not want to know that STORIES IN BOOKS ARE FICTION AND NOT REALITY!

Not that big of a secret, right? Well, ever since I published my romance novel Equinox in April I’ve been wondering whether people are actually aware of it. It seems that some readers actually expect storylines and characters to be based on realistic scenarios and realistic people. Who would want to read that? We live it. Isn’t that enough?

Yes, the main male character in my romance novel is irresistibly handsome, intelligent, charming, wealthy and great in bed. But he is also funny, supportive and kind-hearted. Everything a fantasy should be. Who wants to read and hereby welcome into their day dreams a fat and mediocre man with no charm, intellect, wit, appeal and humor whatsoever? I don’t.

And it seems that male readers have got an issue with it. Supposedly, it gives women an unrealistic idea of a man in and out of bed. I get why they would think that. Becuase it’s easier than trying. But I do believe that any reader is capable of distinguishing between fiction and reality.

Characters in books and films and any other works of fiction are caricatures of people. They are highlighted versions of men and women. If you watch movies, actors are prettier and more polished than most. And yet no one says that this is unrealistic and gives the wrong idea of mankind. And my gorgeous male character does?

Some like watching porn and yet we all know that is not what sex looks like. Or the people involved for that matter. And yet men don’t mind the picture it paints about them.

We all know vampires don’t sparkle. (Not that they don’t exist, because we all know they do.) And they don’t look like Robert Pattinson. Even he doesn’t look like him in real life. And wolves don’t shift into handsome men with glorious six-packs. And yet I haven’t heard that it isn’t realistic.

Additionally, Alexis – the main female characters is beautiful and very attractive as well, has everything he has and is a participant in the intensely passionate scenes and yet not one of my male readers has mentioned that as unrealistic.

This is not me not accepting criticism or any other remarks I don’t agree with. But it has to do with people being accountable for their thoughts and opinions. And taking into account the other side and someone else’s perspective.

Are both main characters attractive? Yes, to each other and to their loved ones definitely. Because it is subjective.

Is their relationship intimately intense and steamy? Yes, one should hope so that love is irrational, uncomfortable, yet beautiful and empowering.

Is it realistic and devoid of fantasy? No. It is fiction. And it is meant to be entertaining and a medium of letting your mind drift, relax and get enticed.

That is what a work of fiction does. It takes you somewhere you haven’t been before. It shows you things you haven’t seen before. And it makes you experience what you haven’t yet.

All the best in the new year!


5 thoughts on “Warning! Spoiler alert!

  1. Oh boy, take it from someone who has had reviews of “this couldn’t happen in real life” (even though I write historical romance and do my research on the events surrounding my stories, of which I use and the things in my books ACTUALLY happened *gasp*), I know exactly what you’re talking about. Sigh. Lovely, isn’t it?

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