The star of the Obama administration

The American nation had an amazing president for the past 8 years. (Sort of yin and yang dynamics – they went from the  best to the worst.). But no matter how wonderful and strong, charming and intellectual, likeable and genuine Barack Obama might be, in my opinion, his wife outshines him.

As a non-American it doesn’t really concern me who the PLOTUS is (until DT sends into WW 3) but Michelle Obama is a person whose goodness and strength has truly walked on water and crossed the ocean to Europe and all other parts of the world.

There are few people who have made me laugh, cry and think as much as she has. And through a screen nonetheless. She has represented herself, her husband and family and the American nation beyond positively. She has been a magnificent role model not only for girls and women but for every single individual. Anyone can see the honesty, goodness, kindness and intellect dripping from every action she does and every word she utters. Every person watching or listening can sense without any doubt that she means everything she does and says – she doesn’t do it because of the obligations of her status or position. She does it because she wants to and she is aware that she has the options and the power to make a difference and takes full advantage of them for the greater good.

No matter what nationality, one can recognize the impact and the magic of her as a person.

Watching her interviews and noting her words makes my heart stutter to see that it’s happened again – all good things must come to an end. But her message and magic will live forever.

Be good.


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