Fifty Shades Darker


I took the night off and went to see the film with my phenomenal sister. It had been a common project to read the books and now it’s an automatic and pre-set date to watch the movies as they are released.

We were super excited to go to the movies last night – it might have been the film, or just that we got to share a fun night laughing at the cinema and screaming along to Beyoncé and The Black Keys in the car on the way back; of course, stopping at McDonald’s to indulge in a McSundae.

Anyway, the night was a success but the film was a bit disappointing. To be fair, I hadn’t expected much. I wanted to be entertained and sucked into the story, but the film did not manage to do that.

I am in awe of Dakota Johnson and her courage to be naked in front of millions of people. And I can’t help but applaud their bravery – Dakota and Jamie Dornan’s – to put themselves into those types of situations. Say what you will – it’s just acting and blah blah – but to act those scenes and to share such intimate moments in front of a camera demands fearlessness and strength.

However, I kept catching my mind drifting back to the books and how intense as well as enticing particular scenes and events had been. The film left we wanting more. It felt disconnected and as if lacking something. It just seemed like I was watching various scenes pasted together without them making a complete unit. I simply didn’t feel it, didn’t get lost in it. I don’t know whether it was how they had gone about doing it – having filmed it with the third one as well – but it just seemed off somehow. The editing looked lackluster and weak.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad and individual scenes on their own feel genuine and intense, but together… They feel emptier and devoid of true feelings. It didn’t manage to build on the drama and ecstasy of the books.

And that is just it. I’m sorry, I love movies – not as much as I adore books – but I still do. However, they never match the books’ suspense and magnitude – except for the magical Harry Potter films. Movies always leave me wanting more, wanting to know something else: the background, hidden emotions and thoughts, undisclosed motives. And novels offer you just that. I guess words have more power than moving pictures.

I wish you all a great start of the week tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Darker

  1. Loved your line – “words have more power than moving pictures”.


    Even I have been disappointed with movie adaptations. But I loved the way they did “A Walk to Remember”. It was a modern take yet it remained true to (Sparks’) spirit.

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