Valentine Schmalentine


Today is the extremely and profoundly important Valentine’s Day when it is believed you are pathetic and sad if you are single; when couples need to do something beyond extravagant to showcase their love – recreating a legendary scene from a movie doesn’t hurt, it’s rather expected. So if you aren’t jet setting to the City of Love, showering your partner with expensive gifts, you are a failure as a human. There is no point to your existence.

Of course, I’m kidding. Valentine’s Day should not be taken too seriously. Sure it’s fun and it can turn into something special; it can make you relax and be an excuse to take a breather during the hectic week; and spending time with your loved one is always desirable and exciting, but you shouldn’t let it consume you and make you lose your mind thinking about and organising the perfect, fairytale-like plans.

If February 14 is the only day, when you make your significant other feel special; if this is the only occasion when you give them attention and do something for them; if you don’t show them you love them the rest of the year, don’t even bother doing it on this day. It is really like a slap in the face.

Love is such a powerful as well as wonderful emotion and finding someone who reciprocates that and is good to you is even more phenomenal. We should all let our loved ones know that we cherish and respect them every day, not just when it benefits the stores offering the red and cheesy merchandise.

To me Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the rest of the 364 days, when you need to not take your relationship for granted and display the feelings of affection that you hold inside. If you don’t show the love, what’s the point in having it? Hidden, it does no good to anyone.

Valentine’s Day can be fun if you make it as such. It can be depressing if you let others dictate what you should have and do. Or it can be just another day of the year; because if you make your partner feel loved on just this day, there is no point to it.

Give your partner and relationship attention not just on Valentine’s Day, be thankful not just on Thanksgiving Day, be generous and around your family not just at Christmas, have chocolate eggs not just at Easter.

Hope you all spend Valentine’s Day how you want to.



9 thoughts on “Valentine Schmalentine

  1. YUP!! My boyfriend didn’t even get me a card! I got steamed at first, then I got over myself, and realized he takes care of me and my grand babies every day! Making scrambled eggs, letting the 3 yo help, and washing bottles and sippy cups is showing real love!!
    And my oldest girl was born on Valentine’s Day! It’s been the best ever for 30 years, just b/c it’s her bd!


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