Too pretty?

It used to be believed that if you are attractive then more doors will be open for you, more people will notice you, more opportunities will be offered to you. It used to be considered an advantage; today, not so much. Sure it doesn’t hurt to look good, but then again every single person is nice to look at for someone. It’s subjective.

However, I’ve noticed that beauty has also become an excuse. I’ve heard people comment on it negatively, justifying someone’s hard work, efforts, and popularity due to kindness as a result of the person’s looks. I’ve seen people dismiss a woman as not serious for her appearance. I’ve experienced people minimizing someone’s accomplishments because that person happened to be attractive. When someone good-looking gets an opportunity, it is often justified as a result of their attractiveness and not of their sacrifice and commitment.

Even the Grammys have offered a new insight into the shift of beauty not being an advantage but an excuse for others. Carlos Santana, a man of great talent, was quoted saying that Beyoncé is not a singer but is a model for music, that she is too nice to look at to be a good singer. So basically, she is too beautiful for her talent to be recognized. Come on! I am a huge admirer of both Bey and Adele, and having them battle it out against each other was heart-breaking because they both deserve to win. But to say that Queen B is too pretty and too visually oriented to be considered a singer is beyond absurd. The amount of their talent is undeniable. The only beauty that should count is that of their voices and music.

It infuriates me that because someone is thought to be attractive and puts effort into how he or she looks, or maybe accentuates the visual aspect of the work, they are nowadays cast away as if that is the only thing they have going for themselves. And anything they accomplish is explained as a consequence of their appearance.

We are visual beings. When buying something, you will grab the product that catches your eye – just remember Steve Jobs and his philosophy. Now if that object has a nice shell but is empty or bad on the inside that’ll be the end of the relationship. But if it is also full of good content then you need to recognize it. You definitely shouldn’t avoid and condemn it just for being appealing.

It seems like some people are desperate to judge and find any possible and the tiniest flaws in people; and if you can’t find them, then make them up, right? Some are starving to hold something, anything really, against others simply to make themselves feel better. But an excuse is just that… An excuse.

I don’t think beauty should be viewed as more valuable than any other quality. And appearance definitely shouldn’t be someone’s main focus. But it also shouldn’t be a reason to judge a man/woman and devalue anything they do. Let’s give praise where it’s deserved.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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