Book No. 2, here I come!


I had finished my first novel in the summer of (no, not of 69) but 2015. And ever since then I’ve been doing something for it, around it, because of it. But when I think about the time that has passed since then, it horrifies me because I never thought that I’d let that much time go by. I kept telling myself that I’d find the time to write but life just always stepped in screwing me over.

But nights where I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind was gloriously haunted by ideas and drafts for the second novel started accumulating and torturing me. Of course, my thoughts couldn’t find a better time to go through those scenarios then when I was exhausted and trying to fall asleep.

So, I decided and pledged that I’d make writing my second book a priority in my life; I’d stop whining and fantasizing about it and simply start doing it. The wrenching knot in my stomach due to the abstinence from writing and the constant obsession over thinking about it were forcing me to put my pen where my mind was. I just couldn’t stay away.

That is how it had started with the first novel – I had been thinking about it constantly, reading books and mulling over what I would or could have done with a scene. And it seems that the cycle was starting to repeat itself. (Thank God.) I was trying to find the time to sit down and start the second one but no such luck. The day was getting pushed back and the pressure in me was growing. I knew that my subconscious would force me to start writing, I just knew it. There was no way I could ever resist. It’s a part of me, a huge and significant part of me, and denying myself of it is impossible – I could attempt to ignore it but I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever want to. There is a piece of me missing whenever I’m not exploring my inspiration and creating a plot.

Writing is something that scares and excites me like nothing else. The sensation I get before, during and after it is incomparable to anything else. To me nothing comes even close to writing. I go to sleep thinking about it, wishing that I could function without closing my eyes; I wake up consumed by writing, nervously awaiting the moment when I’ll be able to sit down and continue developing the story. It is my drug and my lifeline at the same time.

It was time to feel complete and that could only be achieved by my jumping into writing my second book. And so I did. I finally started writing the second novel in my Alpha Series. I’ve been writing for three days, have been able to finish three chapters and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Now I won’t be able to stop obsessing over it until I complete it.

So, if you need a new book that is entertaining and exciting on your reading list, might I suggest you grab a copy of Equinox – the first book in the series – before I finish the second one? It’s available on Amazon and Kindle.

Have a great day!


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