Let the hunger games commence

Every year I decide to cut back on the one thing that is the most difficult to quit. And the recipient of that award for the second year in a row is sugar. Now I’m no addict but I do have a serious sweet tooth. And so because I love torturing myself, I vow that for 40 days I will not consume it. I actually do it for 46 days, because despite Lent not including Sundays and lasting exactly 40 days, I don’t think nor want to pause it every six days. If I’m doing it, I want to do it completely and cleanly – like cutting off a limb. (I’m a regular Ms Sunshine about it.)

On a more serious note, I do like the idea of fasting before Easter. Religion does not have much to do with it. I am religious and grateful for each and every blessing, expressing that every night before I go to sleep. But my motivation behind fasting is the notion of challenging yourself. To deprive yourself of something you like or enjoy, is not easy. Especially when you are prohibited to consume it, of course, that is exactly what you want to do. The forbidden fruit theory really does come into practice if you’re doing something like this.

I don’t eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I don’t sniff it or bathe in it. However, I do like to have it after lunch, or when I feel sleepy and tired, on a rainy day… (And when the sun is shining, when it’s summer, when my eyes are open and there is oxygen in my lungs…) I’m kidding but you get the picture. This is my one habit that I feel bad about and take comfort in. That’s why, I want to push myself and nix it. I want to set a challenge, stick to it and finish it properly.

So, starting from today I won’t consume any sugar, not even dark chocolate. And I will be miserable during PMS, on my weakest days I will feel stupid for doing it, I will have to challenge myself to make a sugar-free cake for my birthday in two weeks, and combined with not being able to eat gluten, avoid a lot of food items, BUT I will feel proud of myself and happy for doing it.

So, mind over matter and all that shit, bring it on, sugar!

Have a great day, loves!


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