IWD – the day to remember the path behind and ahead

As I woke up this morning, I felt the pressure of writing something meaningful, something that would express power, a post that would hold in it the past and present struggles of women. I want to express everything that I talk about and claim every time I get the chance to do so.

I really hope Women’s Day isn’t as artificially appreciated and celebrated as Valentine’s Day. It’s much more than a punchline or a gift you give. March 8th carries so much significance that needs to be recognized. We have to remember the difficult and devastating fights that females in the past went through to demand rights for women – rights that should have been self-evident. And we have to keep in mind everything that still remains to be done.

And after all those battles and the progress society has made there are still people – mostly men but not limited to them – who believe, who are convinced that men are somehow better and worthier than women. Just last week I was shocked by a male politician in the European parliament that decided to express his opinion of female inferiority. You can watch the video here. According to him women are less intelligent, weaker, smaller and must earn less. It’s even more shocking, disturbing and simply sad that he isn’t the only one that has that opinion.

The fight for women’s rights hasn’t finished. It is one of the oldest struggles and we must do everything we can to end it. Women’s rights are human rights. Who has the audacity to believe and claim that gender makes you better than anyone else? Who in their right mind would? Having a penis doesn’t raise your IQ, it doesn’t give you more talent. No one can deny that men are physically stronger, but there are things women are better at than the opposite sex. The argument against women in charge is that our hormones rule us. Yeah? What about men’s sexual drive and their constant thinking about sex? And to anyone that is offended at the notion that their libido prevents them from functioning properly, imagine being told you aren’t reliable and sane enough because of your period. How would you feel?

I am a feminist. And every woman and every man should be as well. It is not a dirty word. It does not mean that women are better than men. It does not praise women and trample men. Feminism believes that women deserve the same as men without taking from men but simply giving women an equal amount. Feminism is equality! And we all have to fight for it.

In history, women were burnt, prosecuted, whipped, tortured, imprisoned, exiled, fought over like an object and dehumanized. It’s the 21st century and we are still treated like a piece of meat. We are devalued and sometimes it seems like we only matter for our vaginas, which are public property – men taking it when we don’t want to or refuse to give it. Women are still trafficked like an object. We are still judged quicker than men. We still face glass ceilings and obstacles placed in our path because of our gender. So the battle might have begun in the past but it is far from over. And it is a responsibility we all have to carry and share. Women and men need to fight to equate the sexes, it starts with each and every one of us. Human rights don’t neglect any gender, so why would we?

I might live in a country where wage gape isn’t expressed that strongly (there is not much to split), but women still hold less leading positions. We are still not trusted to be the bosses. And if a woman is a boss there is a lot of doubt that she is able to control her emotions and is seen as a worse superior than a man. I might not have personally experienced discrimination when it comes to my job but I have been judged as a 28-year-old who isn’t married, doesn’t have children and is focusing on her career. And I have been judged for my appearance and disregarded as a female.

It’s confusing and infuriating that men can do as they please and face no irrational convictions like women do. Sometimes it does seem as if women can’t do anything right.

How dare we have ambitions and personal aspirations? We are meant to only want a family and please our husbands, children and everyone around us? We should sit, look pretty and be happily quiet? No! Women should put themselves first, educate themselves and follow their dreams – whatever  they might be.

How dare we speak up? We shouldn’t be vocal about the issues, we should let it happen and go with the flow? No! We have to stand up for ourselves and fight until the very end.

How dare we demand equal rights? This supposedly diminishes men. It doesn’t. Nothing needs to be taken from the guys, women simply need to receive an equal amount. We are all people.

How dare we say no? We have the right to refuse whatever we don’t like and don’t want. And we have the right to assert that right for whatever that might be. Women aren’t something to be demanded and taken.

How dare we refuse to accept the idea that we are less intelligent, weaker and inferior? By claiming those qualities to be true an individual shows their own stupidity. And to every man who views that as the truth, what about your mother, sister? What about your daughter? Your granddaughter? Do you want someone to think that of them? To act towards them according to that demeaning opinion?

I am more than just my female body parts and more than anyone’s preconceived notions of what I should be. I am more that the discriminatory and limited picture a sexist may have. I am more than just a gender. I am a person. And I am proud to be a woman.

And let me just finish with this:

May we know strong women, may we be them and may we raise them.


4 thoughts on “IWD – the day to remember the path behind and ahead

  1. Marvellous!! I truly wonder why men seem to underestimate womanhood. A lot of reasons may be given by men – emotional, physically weak, less inured etc etc – to justify their argument. Well it is just rubbish. I believe that the womanhood in every woman is the embodiment of motherhood. It’s something to be revered, it is the sanctum sanctorum of nature. For we should remember that every man comes from the womb of a woman. The new age though has brought the problem of suppression and oppression of woman, through ages, to a new light, the discrimination against women have reached a new benchmark in today’s society. I despise men who has devalued manhood. I’m really ashamed for that. Man and woman as I see it are one and the same. Two halves of the same species. Men and women complete one another. I like to say more but I think I’ll stop here. Your post delights me very much. 🙂

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    • Wau, you said it perfectly. We are one and the same. I can’t believe you just basically expressed with different words the same thing I did in my novel Equionx. We are the days to each other’s night, and the night to our days. You can’t have one without the other.

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  2. Thank​ you 🙂 And I can’t agree more 🙂 In today’s world were women are mostly misrepresented in every possible media, I believe that it’s the responsibility of every man to take it unto oneself the task of honouring woman for who she is rather than for what the society intends her to be. And I’ll surely check out your novel, I have a feeling that it won’t disappoint me 🙂

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