When the biological clock goes tick tock, my bat goes smack

Well, good morning to you (it’s 8.15 as I’m writing this) and happy birthday to me. I’m turning 29 today.

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Every year my birthday is an occasion when my family shows their awesomeness in all its glory, making me feel really loved and special. And this year is no exception. I can’t wait for Saturday when we all get together for lunch. And I get presents. (Present, presents!)


I’m so excited for this year. I feel it’s going to be phenomenal. I have so many plans and goals that I will do anything to make them come true before I turn 30; not because age presents some sort of a deadline to me, but because I’m anxious to fulfill my dreams.

To be honest, I’m not one to dwell on getting older. I don’t care about it really. There are many horrible, bad, good and great experiences behind me, and the older I get the better my life is. So I’m excited about the future. I’m eager to write and expand that into a career, I want to see the world, to make a home and think about starting a family. And I will never limit myself or let anyone else do that to me.

It seems however that the people around me and the society in general want me to care about it. Apparently I should be obsessing over marriage and children. Nope! I want to do it all and I’m in no hurry to live my life. I want to focus on priorities I have set for myself.  There is no age limit for anything.

I would like to know who came up with the term “biological clock”. It’s another way for the outside world to judge us and put pressure on us, women especially. You are strange if you don’t want kids. There is something wrong with a woman who has a child late. What a bizarre creature – a female who wants to set up her life, her career before having a family. Or maybe she doesn’t even want them. How dares she?

Why are some so obsessed with age? Especially with the age of women? You can’t change it – you, I, we all are getting older by the second. Why do we assign milestones to age? Life shouldn’t be counted by years but by the achieved goals. I want to fulfill my wishes every day. I want each day to count.

I’m not afraid of aging. And I’m not terrified of everything I should have supposedly done already but simply haven’t. I know that with each year I am stronger, wiser, more confident, more knowledgable about sorting through bullshit, more in tune with myself. And I also know that despite not having a child and a husband, and despite every horrible experience I’ve had the privilege of going through, I am worthy of and on my way to good things. And they will keep on coming, no matter how old I am. And regardless of what anyone else thinks they should be.

So, cheers to the future things!

Have a great Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “When the biological clock goes tick tock, my bat goes smack

  1. Happy (belated) birthday!! Really great post! It’s ridiculous that people pressure other people over how they live their lives- I just think when people do that how discontented they must be with their own lives to be such busybodies 😉


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