Beauty and the Beast

I was dying for the release date of the film and counting down the days for the movie to come to theaters here. And I got to watch it yesterday with my sister. It was the perfect end to my birthday celebrations (yeah, they last an entire week, buahaha). We had a sister movie date and had tons of fun, of course.

As soon as the movie started, it took me on a magical ride, making me look at my watch just once, only to check there is still some time left before the movie ends because I didn’t want it to. I fell in love with the story all over again. The book was one of my favorites when I was a kid and last night it felt like I was right back in my childhood with my favorite fairytale coming to life. There were laughs and giggles, gasps, and tears shed. You know when you leave the movies or you finish watching a film at home, and you just feel happy that you got to see it, walking on a fluffy cloud, with a song from the movie stuck in your head and not being bothered by it. That’s how Beauty and the Beast made me feel yesterday.

I simply love the story and its message that you have to look past the exterior and into the heart of someone or something; that it’s okay to be different; that it’s okay to want more; that it’s okay to be a strong and an independent woman; and that there is nothing wrong with you for not settling and wanting what people around you want – you are not weird, you are special. And who doesn’t love names with secret meanings behind them – Lumiere, Chip, Cogsworth , Mrs Potts etc. I do have to say that gets me every time. (Harry Potter enthusiasts will know exactly what I mean.)

And Belle might just be my favorite “princess”. She is courageous and bold, free-spirited and special, AND SHE’S A BOOKWORM. I just love who she is – stronger than her tragedy in life, loving and caring towards others, open to something new and unfazed by shallowness. That’s my kind of woman!

giphy (2).gif

I’m still elated about it, feeling like I got to travel back in time by seeing a movie. And I got to be a kid for two hours, full of optimism, hope and faith in magic. Why else would I spend quite some time today searching for the book (in the dustiest and highest of nooks) just to hold it? With its tattered pages, my childhood book is an undeniable proof that it was opened and read a number of times. And I’m sure that I’ll rewatch the movie as well because I’m so pleased that the story didn’t lose its charm.

May there be some magic in your life this week!


23 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. The way you described how you felt when watching Beauty and the Beast reminded me of how I felt while watching the first Hobbit movie and Fantasy Beasts And Where To Find Them. That feeling of pure, joyful magic… I’d really like to see Beauty soon. Maybe I should do it during my upcoming vacation, either right before or after my trip to Iceland.

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