Thoughts on my way home

I was driving home from work yesterday at 7.30 pm and of course my mind wouldn’t stop thinking despite having been up since 5.30 and being absolutely tired. One thought led to another (the only reasonable and smart thing to do while driving) and I was going through everything that I still need and want to do. And the only thing that made me feel better and rejuvenated is the idea that I will have some time to write when I get home.

Writing is truly the one thing that makes me feel better, that I look forward to, that I don’t mind being exhausted because of, and I love putting my blood, sweat, tears and every breath into it. I guess that is the ultimate passion – when you don’t care about the state of your mind and body, but you just keep on doing it.

I remember when I was writing my first book, I would write into the late hours of the night during work days and get up early in the morning to go to work and not feel tired. And it’s the same this time around. Every free moment is spent with my writing, every energy and thought that I can spare is put into my second book and there is nothing I love doing more. Everything else is just an irritation and a distraction.

I’ve finished writing the eighth chapter of my second book and I’m heading into the ninth one. I just love exploring the story and spend more time thinking about what Alexis and Colton would do then what I’m doing in my life. Completely sane right?

So with that said, I’m off to squeeze in some minutes of writing.

And you can check out my contemporary romance novel that will not leave you wanting anything else on Amazon and Kindle.

Hope your day is phenomenal!


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