One-year anniversary


Well this sure was a weekend from hell. All week long I was looking forward to some time off because this year it seems like the weekends are actually “worknotends” for me. So I was beyond excited for the Friday to come. And of course, why would it go according to the plan? I got sick on Thursday and I’m still not completely healthy. It was not pretty or pleasant. The stomach bug hit all fronts of my body – everything was coming out but nothing could go or stay in. You can imagine how happy I was to have my weekend in heaven turn to one from hell.

But one thing that brightened it, was the fact that this weekend was the 1-year anniversary of my publishing my first novel and also starting this blog. This year was one of the most challenging years in my life with having to learn and try a lot of new things and feeling overwhelmed with juggling my wants and my obligations. But it’s also been the most magical period in my life; I got to find my place and fate and gathered lots of new experiences.

Ever since I self-published my romance novel Equinox I feel like I found myself and made myself complete. This is my purpose. This is my destiny. This is my calling. This is something I would never be able to stop.

And it’s not always easy. Sometimes it seems like I haven’t moved much and the path in front of me scares me. But more often a reader brightens my day with their positive feedback after reading the book; or I simply sit down behind my laptop and start writing and everything else vanishes.

Being a writer is easier than being an author. But I couldn’t live without being either. I have to remind myself that my writing career is like a kid barely trying to learn how to walk but slowly and surely it’ll develop into an adult. And I can’t wait. So despite the trails and tribulations of this year it was the most amazing one. I wouldn’t take it back for any price and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

I would like to thank every single reader – of my book, my blog, and other sites – for taking the time for me. I appreciate you all.

And please, if you haven’t yet, go and get yourself a copy of Equinox on Amazon and Kindle.

Sending you love and no stomach bugs 😉


14 thoughts on “One-year anniversary

  1. Following our ‘chat’ I bought your book, Kindle version. I’ve read the first five chapters. Strange: in the 17,000 words I blogged about I have alternating ‘episodes’ (it’s not long enough to call them chapters) spoken by the two main characters, just as in your book. I also have a secondary character called Jay. That’s weird! Did you at one time live/work in New York? My little creation is set in 1960s London.
    I was in Leeds city today (it’s about 15km from home) and looked in on a record shop because they have just moved and I wanted to see what the new one was like. I had a look at Beatles LPs. A single seems generally to be about £20, a double about £30. I bet you’re even more cross with your father that he got rid of his!
    Talking of music, I’m going to a gig tonight where one of the artistes I mentioned and pictured in my post is playing live – Emma Nabarro-Steel. She’s paired with a poet who lives in the urban village in which I was born. Should be a good night.

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  2. Good heavens! Don’t know what that is but thank you. You’ll find my story is in a quite different language, British English rather than American English but, more striking, the language of the 1960s rather than 2016! I’m going to pm you on messenger so I can give you a link to my story at the moment when I’ve sorted it out, as I don’t want it to be public.

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