Worst day ever!


…Boy, oh, boy, am I.

I really wanted my next post to be super positive and excited to express how euphoric I was to reach 100 pages in my second book. There are tons of things I should be doing and yet I keep coming back to writing, ignoring everything else. Some might call me irresponsible and whatever else they might think of that I wouldn’t care about, but I just call it an integral part of who I am. I don’t exist without writing, I wouldn’t want to.

And so I was beyond ecstatic to finish 100 pages of my second book, proud and satisfied with the quality and quantity of the pages I had managed to produce. I even chose the excerpt that I would share with you and announce my progress (plus try to bribe you to get my first romance novel 😉 ).

I left for my class and kept looking forward to coming home, quickly eating something and jumping straight back into writing and finishing Chapter 13. The entire drive home and during every chore the light at the end of the tunnel was the promise of arriving home and doing my favorite thing in the world. The day had started off as rocky and gloomy with one mishap after another but this, writing at the end of the day, was keeping me positive. And so I came home with lots of ideas in my head, ready and eager to put pen to paper and…

My laptop decided to shut down. I kept trying to do something, to find the answer and kept calling everyone I thought could help me – of course, luck would have it that no one picked up their freaking phones. So my laptop, the moody bastard that has its own free will, was sitting on my desk silently after it had forced me to experience an actual panic attack. There were tears and snot running, my hands were shaking, my face was so red it could indicate combustion. Yup, super fun, unless you’re the one pacing up and down the room, contemplating praying to God and offering him your leg if he restored your laptop. This is the extent of the tragedy – I’d rather have a broken leg, than lose my computer files. Of course, I do have most saved but the beautiful irony would have it that I hadn’t saved my today’s work and so the results are in a limbo.

So I’m lying in bed, unable to sleep, hungry but with no appetite, unshowered and completely indifferent to anything else. All because my laptop decided to crash and my life crashed and burned with it.

giphy (1).gif

I have no idea if it’s salvageable but hope dies last. Cross your fingers for me and my victory over the stupid technology.

Hope your days are better than mine!



14 thoughts on “Worst day ever!

  1. So sorry to hear that Kristina. I feel for you. Hope you can recover it soon. Just arrived in the mountains here; cold so warming up in a coffee shop where they have WiFi. A little something to cheer you? – your book really helped me to resolve some problems in my long short story.

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      • I saw your messenger post before this after arriving home 15 mins ago. Delighted to hear the book is safe. As you say, everything else is a p.i.t.a. but survivable. I wrote most of a post about the mountains trip but could not post as no internet (nor phone, not radio!) so when I’ve recovered from the 3.1/2 hour drive home (a large gin and tonic is helping) I’ll get to that. Really glad that it pleased you that reading your book helped me. Inserted just the right amount of AF to convey an understanding of the relationship between my two characters, I think. R x


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