Just one chapter


This past weekend my sister and I watched La La Land. I know, I know, where was I and what was I doing not to have watched it sooner? (Prepare for gasps…) I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Gosling’s; I don’t get the appeal or that voice. 🙂

Anyway, but we had a movie night, needed something we hadn’t seen yet and settled for the film everyone had been buzzing about. But while watching I started thinking about life. (I had plenty of time during the singing and dancing breaks.) When you watch the movie, you want the two main characters to end up together, you root for them. You feel the love they have for each other, you understand their special bond, and your heart breaks as their relationship does too. How could they, or you in the same situation, possibly go on?

By getting up and moving on. What I’m trying to say is this: sometimes we focus so much on someone or something, thinking we need this to be happy or successful or be able to reach a goal, but in reality that person or thing is an essential piece in the grander scheme of our lives. Yes, it may be a monumental part in your life but it’s not the only one.

You need different and numerous pieces to build the complete puzzle. We have to keep in mind not to focus and put our happiness as well as motivation into just one person and just one thing. You might lose that to gain something much larger.

Our lives, just like books, are made of many chapters. And sometimes it might seem like one of them is catastrophically tragic and ominously sad, but actually there is another part and then another one etc. that might get better. But you have to go on, turn the page and push forward. So let yourself lose something and keep in mind you can gain in the end.

Hope you’re having a great week!


8 thoughts on “Just one chapter

  1. haha I missed this film too 😉 Maybe I’ll watch it… one day- but Ryan Gosling doesn’t do it for me either. But I love this post and what this led you to think about!! It’s so true!! Life has to push on no matter what!


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