A match made in heaven: reading and writing


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Books have always been an essential and a very big part of my life. I was the girl that would leave the library with a pile of books so high I could barely see over it. I was the adolescent that would stay up late (really late) and read, daydreaming about being a character in the plot. I have been the woman that reads a book in one sitting, obsessing over devouring every page as soon as possible and yet fearing the dreadfully approaching end.

And I am also the person who can’t stop herself from writing, who wouldn’t be able to envision her life without writing, who neglects sleep and food (which does not happen often) just to be able to write as much as possible.

And now I am someone who would love to give to others what books and other authors have given me – a safe haven, an exit from the daily struggles, an opportunity to be amused and entertained.

Nothing has ever made me feel as whole as writing. Have you ever been somewhere or done something where you just thought that this is it, I am meant to be here? Writing gives me just that. When I’m creating a story, my heart flutters, my soul does somersaults and cartwheels, and my mind feels more alive and awake than any other time. This is me. This is who I am. This is my calling.

I hope you have already or will very soon find what makes you feel complete.

Have the best week!


14 thoughts on “A match made in heaven: reading and writing

  1. Oh, very much a kindred spirit. When I was a child my mother despaired at getting me to go out ‘to play’, I was always immersed in a book, in or out (She had taught me to read by the time I was three so I used to say it was her fault 😉 ). Nowadays, having got the writing bug, I read less but I did read one book over a 24hr period this past weekend – The Bestseller Code by Jodie Archer and Matthew L Jockers. Could hardly put it down though I did cook, eat and sleep, reluctantly. A must, must read for anyone with aspirations to write a bestseller. xx


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