Daily night terrors

My eyes are open but I can’t see anything and for a change there’s nothing covering the upper half of my face. Looking around, I struggle to see even the roughest of outlines of the space I’m in. I’m waiting for my eyes to adjust and enable me to maybe recognize something, anything. But it’s pitch dark. And it’s not changing. Don’t scream. It’s difficult not to let the frustration and fear out by shouting from the top of my lungs but I make myself change my tactics this time. Using my fingers and palms I go over every inch of the walls surrounding me. The most horrific realization is that the room is actually small and there is absolutely nothing in it besides me. My palms are sweating, my heart is racing, my breathing is loud and fast. My entire body, every inch of my skin, is tingling with the wish to escape. I am restless, panicked and eager to get away.

A scraping sound interrupts my manic thoughts. I look around instinctively but of course I can’t see anything. I hear it again. As if it’s possible my heart rate increases. My head keeps turning around to make out where it’s coming from. But all I see is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And then the noise happens again. Shit. When I realize that the small space is getting smaller and smaller with the sound piercing my ears and shaking the very core of my body, I lunge myself forward against the wall in front of me. My fists start banging against the concrete on their own free will, my voice sounds foreign and strange, I have no control over me. My body and mind are fighting for survival and there is no control or poise left in me.

The walls are nearing, the space is getting tighter. I can’t even turn around any longer. A loud yell filled with hopeless terror and animalistic rawness flees my lips.

If you want to know what causes Alexis’s bad dreams in the second book that I’m currently writing, you need to get your hands on the first novel in the Alpha Series (I’ll tell you where the name comes from in the next post on Sunday). You can find Equinox on Amazon and Kindle. 😉



5 thoughts on “Daily night terrors

  1. Wonderful Kristina. I’m not sure I will sleep well tonight. As you know, I have Equinox, the first book, but that extract should entice people to get into the second, and the first if they have not done so yet. Really emotive writing. Rx

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