Light will prevail

I hate waking up and discovering that another senseless and tragic attack happened during the night. I’m struggling to even find the words to describe such incidents. My eyes are brimming with tears, my chest is tightening and I simply feel sick to my stomach. Never will I understand a person killing someone else for the sake of beliefs. There is no set of beliefs worth killing for. I believe in God and yet I wouldn’t take someone’s life for it, not would I ever consider myself to be better than a person with a different faith. No true religion, no civilized culture demands its members to kill in its name.

I don’t care behind what belief, faith or God these people hide, or in whose name they take innocent lives across the globe. They can justify it however they want; there are no excuses or reasoning. It is delusional, unreasonable, irrational, worthy of all judgments, horrible and cowardly. Because they don’t dare nor care to start a dialogue and communicate to reach an agreement, they have chosen violence and aggression. If I could, I would gladly give my freedom and autonomy of thought for theirs to be taken and for this to stop. But sadly that’s not how it goes.

It makes me beyond infuriated that these people are doing exactly what they supposedly hate and despise. And this is not an attack against the western world – that has supposedly done such terrific things that would deserve these atrocities – it is an attack against innocent people. Someone’s children, spouses, parents, loved ones. It is a blatant strike against freedom, liberty, tolerance, equality, nondiscrimination. It is aggression against all the best qualities of the world.

I say to my students to use their words, not fists and they understand; children get it. We are intelligent people, we can resolve anything. We can co-exist. But to do so, we have to let each other live in peace. Terrorism is not an act of intelligence, it is an act of stupidity. It is not something worth praising for fighting for beliefs, it is something worth all judgments.

People are scared and we should be. A crowd in Turin, Italy, trampled each other  last night because they had mistaken the sound of firecrackers for an explosion. Many, many are dead because humanity is frightened. The fear for our safety has become a daily struggle.

And tears will be shed. Anger will rise. But we will not step down from the values we have fought for and cherish. Peace and love are the answers, not violence and death. And whoever is behind the attacks, whoever believes and supports tragic and senseless terrorism, should know one thing: the idea of us cannot be silenced or ended.

We live in a glorious time when people allow themselves and others more and more to be who they are, to be true to themselves. And instead of aggression, you could choose love and join us. Because make sure that you understand that love and goodness always win. Always!

It might seem dark and negative now, but light will prevail.

Stay safe and good!


10 thoughts on “Light will prevail

  1. Excellent thoughts, excellent writing – in English – as usual. My latest post, before the latest atrocities, had similar thoughts though expressed in a different way. And I put a link to you as one of the people to ‘blame’ for my recent wander from the straight and narrow on my writing path.

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