Wonder Woman

I was so excited to go and see the movie. I’m a sucker for super-hero films and one can feel the importance of a movie with a female super hero and what that means for not just women but people in general. I really wanted to see it and to see it be good. As my excitement was raising, so were my hopes that they wouldn’t disappoint.

And I was so relieved to discover that everyone did a great job. I could do without the prolonged soup opera moments of staring into empty space as if contemplating if they locked the door before leaving. But it seems that modern films must all be over 2 hours long, ignoring the fact that quality always defeats quantity.

I know that a lot of viewers will be more critical because the movie is about a woman. Which makes one wonder (see what I did there) but it doesn’t really surprise anyone. It’s a sad fact. I wish for the film to be accepted with the same open arms as Batman, Superman, or even the tenth remake of Spiderman. It’s a kick-ass movie with a female lead character who kicks a lot of deserving asses. Don’t scrutinize it even more intensely just because a woman is the super hero.

It’s a motion picture that holds so much importance for a lot of different reasons. It’s not just vital to tell the story right and make a good as well as an entertaining film. It’s paramount to realize and maximize the role it plays in today’s society.

The film is important for feminism. It is essential to see a female character be unyielding to hide who she is. Diana is an extremely strong warrior, someone with a good heart, a clean soul and spirit. She is a person who is morally pure. Wonder Woman has strong beliefs in goodness of the world and she never wavers from fighting for what’s right. She doesn’t let any man tear her apart or degrade her in any way. She doesn’t step back or aside for the sake of anyone’s ego. Diana doesn’t allow people to trample her, she trusts herself and never minimizes her power or intelligence for someone else. Of course, we can’t fly, fight a god, or jump on a building, but we can learn from her. We can learn to nourish our character and strength, and push ourselves to shine, never allowing anyone to dim our light. There is a Wonder Woman in all of us; it’s up to us to identify it and never deny it. We must break through glass ceilings not politely knock on them – no one is answering to let us in.

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Diana also fights for an issue which is paramount and very current. She is a strong believer in the goodness of people and that no wars are necessary. Wonder Woman is a symbol for peace and love beating violence and war. In the time we live in, it is essential to remember and keep reminding ourselves that there is good in people and that we mustn’t let bad people influence our better judgments and convince us to fight the battles that they have created. One might claim that the message “love is the answer” is naive and too simple, but I’d say that it is cynical to view it as such. We must remember that negativism and aggression will not conjure the results we need. Peace does not stem from war and violence; it goes hand in hand with love.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching it at the cinema. It was entertaining and inspiring. It displays the lessons which are needed and important in the today’s world. It is relevant for women and for society in general.

It’s significant to prepare for the worst – like the Amazons – and hope for the best, trusting the goodness of people and believing in yourself.


Let the Wonder Woman inside you shine and have a great week!



11 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. So glad you enjoyed it. I agree that it’s good to have another female super hero (I’ve seen all the Angelina Jolie ones). We have an increasing number on tv here – female detectives etc. I last went to the cinema several years ago. Modern films seem to be made for tv not for the big screen so watching them in the cinema is like being a lines person in tennis (cricked neck!). And in our cinemas the sound is wound up to be painful. So I wait for them to appear on tv. By the way, though the recent general election here was pretty much a disaster (though better than a massive majority for the ruling party) we now have over 200 MPs for the first time. Great!

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  2. I’m literally so excited for this movie!! And so glad that everyone did a good job in it! And that the feedback for this movie is overwhelmingly positive! I’ve not seen so much criticism of it being a superhero movie about a woman, but there are countries refusing to play it cos Gal Gadot is Israeli- which only makes me want to see it more!!
    PS I can’t be the only one who groans at the prospect of yet another spiderman movie can I? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the character- but do we need another one?!?


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