The boy who lived…


…and came into our lives.

Today marks 20 years since JK Rowling bestowed upon us a book that has left an impact in the lives of so many people. You might not like Harry Potter (and should talk to someone 😉 ) but no one can deny their knowledge of his existence. It has certainly been a part of my life.

It’s one of the first books, if not the first one (I’m not a credible source of my toddler years) that I received. I was in elementary school and my mom’s cousin, my confirmation sponsor, gave it to me for Christmas. And ever since opening the book, I have been hooked to everything connected to it. The Potter series is also one of the best, most spectacular presents I have ever received. My family bought it for my birthday this year because despite loving it I hadn’t owned it. And now that I have it (my precious), it’s a priority on my summer reading list to read it again.

I’m sure there are so many people who cherish it, as part of their childhood, adolescence, as well as adulthood. I certainly do. If I have a child, his/her first word might just be Harry. Or Expecto Patronum. No pressure there.

My sister and I have even watched and re-watched the movies so many times, devouring every scene and every single word. And we are bound to do it again. And again. As senior citizens, with false teeth, waving our arms as if holding a wand. (Just kidding. Maybe.)

As powerful as HP is as a character, Rowling’s words are just as powerful. Few have been able to do what she has done, becoming such a strong presence in the lives of so many readers. I can’t imagine how glorious it is to be aware of the fact that your work has affected so many people. It must be magical.

So today is a celebration of Harry Potter and everything he represents. But also of the great JK Rowling; thank you for giving us HP and his adventures. And also thank you for creating Hermione Granger, a strong female character that children and teens can look up to.




4 thoughts on “The boy who lived…

  1. I have JUST started reading Harry Potter as an 18 year old. Couldn’t do it earlier due to academic pressure. I’m consoling myself saying no age is too old for HP. Anyway… This post is everything I needed right now 😁

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