Jumping into the world of words

Like I wrote in my previous post, a demanding exam is behind me and now I also started my summer vacation today. I’m so excited for the next few weeks; I have big plans for my author career. Even the past few days were one of the best in a while because I managed to relax and read some books that have been waiting patiently for me; I also got to write more and there is nothing that can match the joy that brings me.

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But I do have to say that it hasn’t been an easy transition with jumping back into writing my second novel. When I was studying and my work schedule was hectic as fiction-worthy hell, I didn’t have time to write and it was the longest period without writing or dealing with books in any way. So I finally found the time to sit down behind my laptop and finish Chapter 18. And it wasn’t a completely easy comeback. After I wrote four pages, something clicked and I realized that I switched points of view in the middle of the chapter. I had to go back and re-write the last pages. Thank God, I found humor in it and just broke out in laughter (no tears shed for this perfectionist).

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I’ve been writing and reading and then editing paragraphs trying to dive back into the story and the mind space of the characters and myself as the writer of those. The hiatus didn’t help because it took me some pages to reconnect. But I can say that every sentence gets me closer to being where I had left writing more than a month ago. And I am beyond thrilled to finish Chapter 19 today and then continue. All of the ideas are bubbling under the surface, barely hidden, and I can’t wait to let them pour out of me.

I’m also leaving for a short weekend trip to the Croatian coast, the town of Opatija. I can’t wait to soak up some sun, sea, beaches, books and of course spend some time with my boyfriend – we’re so busy usually and now we can make up for some lost time. And of course, I’m thinking about how many and what books to pack as well as where and when to sneak in an hour or several of writing ;).

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I hope you have a fantastic weekend and let me know about your plans in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Jumping into the world of words

  1. Lovely to read your ‘adventures’ and that you’re back on track. Have a great time at the Croatiin coast. You deserve it. I leave to drive to Romania on 25 July and won’t return till 5 Sep, but expect to be on lind quite a bit in Romania. I also hope to do some writing; things diverted me, like you, and I have not got back into it yet other than blogging. I’m expecting an experience similar to yours trying to rediscover my characters. Writing this in an eye clinic as a visit to the optician for new spectacles seemed to indicate a little problem. It’s great that we now have wifi in most hospitals and clinics so waiting is no problem.

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