What I’m reading now…


I’ve been so at ease for the past couple of days. As I told you in one of my latest posts, I’m on my summer break and I’ve finally been able to simply do things that I enjoy most. I had missed reading and writing so much and now I’m getting my fix (might overdose actually).

I’ve started reading The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild. It’s a series of contemporary romance novels and it’s exactly what I want right now – relaxation, entertainment and some thrills. And the books surely deliver. I’ve finished four books and I’m starting the fifth one today (hopefully).

But I do have to say that the story has made me roll my eyes a few times (not that it takes much). I swear, if I had a sip of alcohol every time the main female character says please or begs, I would be wasted by the end of the book. Is it really something that women are attracted to? Want? I do not want to beg. I do not want to say please to someone who wants me to grovel. Where is the pleasure in wanting to be dominated or to dominate? And both to such an extent? To me, it’s simply humiliating.

Also, when the idea of being owned was brought up, I almost threw the book across the room. That expression paints such an intense picture of being lost, of being overpowered. And who would want to get lost in someone else, in a relationship (of whatever nature)? I agree that being in a loving, respectful, trusting, happy relationship means that your partner owns a part of you because you’ve given it to them. But to say someone owns everything, even the right to make decisions for you, well that is slave imprisonment and not a romantic partnership. Is the idea of being completely controlled, dominated, bulldozed so appealing?

I don’t want to be owned and I sure as hell don’t want to own someone else. I want to want someone and not need them for survival. In my eyes, a relationship should consist of two equal individuals and not one person and their doormat addition.

Otherwise, every novel in the series is exciting and thrilling, full of drama. The books deliver on everything you would want and expect from a contemporary romance novel. The author’s style is very descriptive and enchanting. It has made me want to read some parts twice, simply for her wording and conveyance.

I took the fourth book with me on my weekend getaway, and like the rest of the series, it managed to make the heat on the beach even hotter and yet less noticeable at the same time – it brings steaminess and it draws you in undoubtedly.


What are you currently reading?


9 thoughts on “What I’m reading now…

  1. WHat is really disappointing, from what you say Kristina, is the Hacker Series is written by a woman. It is not a genre which would attract me but if it did I think I might be throwing the book across the room too. As for what I am reading, it’s a book – not fiction – by a young (18) Romanian friend of of mine, Monica Pana, whose blogs are bilingual; so are her books. I bought both English and Romanian versions of ‘Adolescence, trapped between two worlds’; I’m determined to read it in Romanian and it will be my reading on the long drive to Romania to immerse myself in the language before arriving there; a refresher! The English version I’ve given to a young (16) friend of mine for her reaction; it’s had some wonderful reviews on Amazon. Another ‘go-getter’, Monica might interest you too: https://lookaround99.wordpress.com.
    Delighted to hear you had such a good weekend.


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