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I’ve just read a few What I’m reading now posts, so I thought that I would shift it into What I’m writing now.

With a mug of hot cocoa (while it’s 31°C, almost 88°F, outside), sitting in front of my laptop, my usual location and position, I’m in the middle of finishing Chapter 21. And in this one, Alexis has to face some people from her past that she thought she would never have to see again (or maybe even for the first time, uh oh).

The reasoning behind it is that the past is a period in our lives that we have moved on from, it’s meant to teach us, push us forward. It’s not meant for living in it and obsessing over it. Sometimes, however, you can’t affect events that are rooted in the past and come back to haunt your present, threatening to be an element of your future.

It’s terrifying how one changed aspect of your reality can rattle your world if you let it. And sometimes it’s not even up to you to allow it, you are simply left with dealing with consequences of someone else’s actions.

So what should you do? How should it be handled? You are left with trusting and following your instincts, protecting yourself and everything you have.

But, how does Alexis handle the situation and what leads to the events of her coming face to face with someone unwanted? That can only be read in the second novel of the Alpha Series.

FYI, the first novel is available on Amazon and Kindle and I’ve got a surprise coming up.


Have a lovely day!


7 thoughts on “What I’m writing now

  1. Much as I love the heat (it will be similar in Romania, more likley hotter), I don’t think I’ll be able to take hot chocolate there 🤒. All true what you say above. Waiting to read the second book ‘agog’. Just going into ‘panic’ mode now; less than four days to go now before leaving for 6 weeks+ and so much still to do. PS. I’m writing only blogs and comments now; maybe remedy that while away. x

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  2. Hot chocolate in the summer 👌🏼 haha this is the beauty of being able to create your own world within the world… so important for writers and readers. I also liked how you talked through your character’s process. Well thought out characters are easier to connect with.

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