Always a failure, never a lesson… WAIT??

I’ve dedicated my summer to do anything and everything connected to my writing. To everything that I should have done but didn’t have the time to until the summer. There are so many components that go into publishing a book, beforehand and afterwards so this is the time to take determined steps into the right direction.

Reading, researching about publishing as well as marketing and actually doing it is sometimes intimidating because there is so much to learn and do. I see something and I kick myself in the ass for not doing it from the start, for not doing it differently, for not trying, for not trying enough, for neglecting something… It is overwhelming.

But the silver lining is that some time ago I would torture myself over it, over making a mistake, over everything that was or wasn’t available, but I’ve been telling myself, you could say coaching myself, that it’s better late than never. You might not do something from the start, but it’s worse not to do it at all than to do it at a time when you reach a certain point.

Tormenting yourself over not knowing something, over learning about a fact later, over making a mistake is naturally the first reaction. However! It’s not productive. It’s productive to learn from something, anything, and take a step forward, new knowledge in hand. (Or head.)

Mistakes and not knowing something isn’t the end of the world. Sitting, crying and not trying is the tragedy. Anyone can get something wrong, but anyone can also make it right. And we can do it right by learning and moving on. It’s never a failure but always a lesson. Unless you let it stay a failure.




4 thoughts on “Always a failure, never a lesson… WAIT??

  1. Well said. That’s the attitude I would expect from you. I guess that summer is for you the time for doing all those things because you’re a teacher. But don’t forget you need some rest too.


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