Short story: A lifetime of trying


They stare into each other’s eyes, letting them drop to each other’s mouths every few seconds, dying for a touch. A kiss. A lick. Anything. Just to be closer.

Their skin tingles, desperate for being touched. Their breathing is fast and shallow, heartbeats quick. She bites her lower lip as he licks his in response.

Unable to resist any longer, they pull each other closer, their lips finally touching. His tongue plays with hers, as he ends the first kiss with a suck that makes every hair on her body stand.

She tugs his hair, pulling her body taut against his, as she lets her fingers explore his muscular torso and stomach. He guides his hands over every curve, every hill and valley of her glorious body that moves against him, taunting and seducing him behind the thin layer of her summer clothing.

Everything and anything between them is too much. Every and any inch separating them, standing in the way, is unbearable. They cover every tiniest part of their bodies with their fingers, discovering it all as if it were for the first time. As if it were their last.

He makes a trail of kisses and teasing licks from her mouth to her collarbone, as she tosses her head back, ignited by him completely. She holds his face between her palms as she kisses him again, wanting to devour all of him. Needing to erase every thought in her and his mind. Wanting to make everything and everyone else disappear.

As piece by piece of clothing is thrown off them, onto the floor, the fire inside them gets stronger and stronger, threatening combustion. Their kisses are deep and yet quick, their hands move over each other’s bodies fast, trying to caress as much skin as possible, eager to reach their highs, not wanting to prolong anything. Every moment seems like the sweetest torture.

They fall onto the bed and into a paradise only the both of them can enter, as they get everything they desire. All they want. Every time is more than they can hope for, but never enough.

They promise each other a lifetime of trying as they proclaim their love, getting lost in the pleasure and lust.


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