Every. Waking. Minute.

For the last few days, I’ve been useless for anyone that is not a character in a book and for anything that is not connected to the story of the book. I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series (I may have mentioned it already, once or twice) and it has bewitched me completely. I work and think about reading it, I have a conversation and think about reading it, I sleep and think about reading it, I freaking brush my teeth while reading it (I don’t really, I just thought it adds a dramatic touch).


It’s simply unbelievable that any book, let alone one intended for young adults, can captivate an adult’s mind to the point of obsessing over reading the book. Every. Waking. Minute. I know the story by heart and yet every page is exciting, every chapter is thrilling.

giphy (1).gif

I keep thinking but I can’t come up with anything that would compete with the spectacular sensation of writing something so enchanting, so consuming. There is no better feeling.

Writing and publishing my own book, has had many positive aspects and some negative ones, however, the most magnificent thing is when a reader tells me that they couldn’t set my book down. It is so uplifting to know that the words you put on paper, make someone enjoy it to the point of being unable to put it down. Absolutely nothing can beat that.

I sincerely hope that my book ruins a few more routines and schedules. I will surely let the HP series ruin my plans.


What is the book that you couldn’t put down?


7 thoughts on “Every. Waking. Minute.

  1. Hopefully yours as I just purchased it 🙂

    The Just an Illusion Series by D. Kelly broke me.
    I’ve actually never read an Harry Potter books but I’ve watched all the movies – how embarrassing! I purchased the first one for my son and I don’t think he ever read it either. I need to rectify this situation ASAP.


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