Boy, oh, boy…

… it’s been more than a freaking minute.

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Since having published my last post, I wasn’t able to get back into the rhythm of inserting blogging and writing into my daily routine. And because of that, I didn’t completely feel like myself; the past (more than a few) days didn’t feel as if I was taking the fullest advantage of them. No matter what I had managed to accomplish during the day, at the end of it, it didn’t seem right because I didn’t write my book or blog. I was utterly immersed into my work obligations and with the few spare minutes that I had, I just wanted to read.

But this stops today (only the working part, not the reading one)! I’m going to finish writing this post and then I’m going to do some writing. And I’m not going to stop until I drop dead (by that I mean fall asleep, but you get the desperate idea).

What are you up to?


5 thoughts on “Boy, oh, boy…

  1. Great to see you back; I was beginning to get a little worried. I have been to the opposite end of the spectrum, postung almost every day. Now I’ve got to pick up on my intended ‘trilogy’ of short stories; it’s hellish difficult to get back into it once you stop, I find.


      • In my case it’s as though my characters are annoyed with me for being left in the cold and now refuse to speak to me. As I must have said before, as a journalist I had no problem to ‘write to order’ if necessary but I find it almost impossible with fiction. Blogging is between the two; as I write about whatever interests me at the time it is easy. The answer must be to buckle down and write a little about the characters each day to please them, even if it’s garbage and thrown away later, hoping that will please them and they begin to speak to me again.

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