When you write The End

I can’t begin to describe what this moment feels like now. After months of writing, of mulling over a word that just didn’t seem right or enough, I just wrote The End in my second contemporary romance novel. And I changed the name from the indefinite Title 2 to an actual title.


There is a storm of emotions inside me – everything from elation of being finished, to sadness for the story of the second book to be concluded. I’m so excited to edit the first draft, have it sent to beta readers and then publish it. My second baby is coming! Tears are brimming in my eyes again right now but I wipe them away because I’m cooler than that. (Not really.)

If anyone would like to participate and help me out as a beta reader, let me know in the comments section or shoot me an e-mail (kristinasteiner.equinox@gmail.com).



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